How to Optimize Your IG Bio to Increase Engagement

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We all have the same 150 characters; here’s how to make your bio work for you.
Without further ado, here are our top 6 tips on how to skip the inspirational quotes and get down to the business of optimizing your Instagram bio to increase engagement.

  1. Let your brand’s personality shine through 
  2. Promote your latest product or service 
  3. Keep it simple with a mission/vision 
  4. Include relevant hashtags and links 
  5. Include a CTA 
  6. Have some fun!

Read on to learn how to max out the potential of your brand’s Instagram bio to increase engagement on and off the social media platform.

1. Let your brand’s personality shine through

Whatever type of personality your brand embodies, let it shine through in your Instagram bio. If your brand is fun-loving and people-pleasing, feel free to include a smiley face or two. If your brand is more serious and down to business, maybe skip the small talk and go right into your offer.
Either way, be sure to convey to your customers what your brand does and how you can help them.

2. Promote your latest product or service

You can also use your bio to promote your latest products and offers or inform people about your business services. If you do promote sales and recent products, be sure your team is ready to regularly refresh your Instagram bio and ensure this info is up to date.

3. Keep it simple with a mission 

Often, mission statements are customer-centric anyways, so you’ll also be sharing how your brand will go about helping its customers or what the purpose of their Instagram profile is, indirectly. 
Charitable or non-profit organizations often share their mission statements on Instagram to show how they are serving beneficiaries.

4. Include relevant hashtags and links 

If your brand has a hashtag, include this in your Instagram bio so customers and followers know how to find you, tag their images featuring your brand, and view other user-generated content surrounding your brand online.
Don’t have a hashtag for your brand? You can always make one to keep track of certain posts and view what your users are saying about your company’s campaigns. Just be sure to engage with it regularly and check-in to make sure everything is going well! If you want people to use your hashtag, you’ll need to promote it. 
You can also use a popular industry hashtag. Say you provide logo design services as a freelance graphic designer. You may choose to use the #logodesigner hashtag (which has 6.8 million posts associated with it) or go more granular by choosing a specialized hashtag like #minimalistlogodesign (which only has around 6,000 posts).

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